Student Clubs and Societies

Our campus is a buzzing hub of social and academic life, where people from all backgrounds come together. We value creative expression and encourage our students to share their passions and interests with us. From open-mic nights that showcase individual talents to fun themed nights, we give our students a platform to express their personality and nurture their talents.

Below are some of our Clubs and Societies

Business Club

The Business Society is an association of like-minded entrepreneurial and business focused students who seek to develop their skills and training in this field. As a club, it is a platform for idea sharing that seeks to build on its members’ interests in business related activities, knowledge about business ethics and practices as well as provide an environment that would help them put into practice all that has been learnt in their various lectures.

Football Club

The Football Club is a group of students that have the desire and ability to represent the school in football activities both internally and externally. As a club they want to put Lancaster on the map of tertiary institutional sports through football. With the relevant cooperation of the school and participants they seek to maintain a good relationship with the management of the school and the players, whilst taking Lancaster to greater heights and places.


Basketball Club

The Basketball Club, as its name suggests, is a group of students who are interested in the sport – basketball. The club is geared towards developing and nurturing the skill of playing amongst students in the short term in order to be a force reckoned with in the long term. The club works hard towards fixing and playing matches internally and with neighbouring tertiary institutions to foster a good relationship and also continuously show off the amazing skills the players have acquired.




Lunch Box Club is a ladies club on campus seeking to promote the social, academic, and economic growth of women on the campus. The club aims at making women empowerment a crucial tool for development through involvements in social activities. The Lunchbox society encourages creating a friendly and cooperative environment through networking events and guest lectures.


The Music Club promotes and encourages young music lovers and artists to showcase their talents. They cover most school events and other public appearances. Not all music club members are singers or instrumentalists; they believe everyone with an ear or love for music should be allowed to join and hence their members constitute approximately 30% of the current school’s population.



The Media Club is a club which promotes the creative use of standard technologies. From cameras to video cameras and websites and blogs, the club hopes to report on the events going on within the school and related to the school. The media club is all inclusive, as the members can work within the fields of writing, photography, videography, graphic design, interviewing etc. The media club currently has over 40 members and is still growing.



We also have a Law Society, Computer Science Society, Gaming Club, and Christ Ambassadors Club.