Student Representative Council

On 12th May 2017, Lancaster University Ghana elected its third Student Representative Council team which is to run its tenure for the 2017/2018 academic year with teamwork and dedication in order achieve its aims and goals and lay a strong foundation for future elected office holders to stand upon, and continue to build and develop solid structures that will fortify the Student Representative Council of Lancaster University Ghana for years to come. With continuous growth, development and advancement as time passes, it is our hope as a team that the SRC will continue to advocate on behalf of the students and be the strong echoing voice that channels the wishes and requests of the students to the University and its management for a strengthened relationship. 
The SRC team for the 2017/2018 academic year comprises of the following students and their respective positions:
President                                                      -    Bilal Mouazzen
Vice President                                              -    Hardi Kamara
Welfare Officer                                              -    Kelsie Owusu – Forfie
Academic Officer                                          -   Biliana Agbebleo 
Clubs & Societies Coordinator                     -    Eugene Tettey
Communications Officer                               -    Dashiella Brown
International Students Officer                       -    Sandrine Adamon
Finance Officer                                             -    Wendy Sala-Diakanda
Currently, there are fifteen student clubs and societies that register with the Student Representative Council each year.  Once registered, student clubs and societies are eligible for funding from the SRC and are recognised by the University. The SRC, through a unique student parliament system, evaluates the quality of events being put on by the various organisations.  Registration of clubs and societies usually lasts from October through to the following year when renewals are approved by the SRC. The SRC is committed to excellence and serves as a prime example of student leadership at its best.  For more information please visit the SRC website (coming soon).