10 March 2016 @ 10:00 GMT

Lancaster University Ghana (LUG) is becoming a trendsetter in the staging of school counsellors’ workshops in the West Africa. 


Its most recent event, facilitated by Foundation Programme Coordinator, Johan Claasen and a support team of workshop specialists, saw more than 70 counsellors from 28 schools converging at LUG’s new campus to discuss issues around emerging adulthood, education, and career skills. 
The delegates were welcomed by LUG Provost John Grainger, followed by a briefing by Executive Director Raghav Lal, the viewing of a short documentary on LUG’s refreshingly new approach to education, and a short presentation on the most sought after professions in the 21st century.
Going into workshop mode with the theme Advising students on common skills required in professional careers, random groups were asked to explore, discuss and give feedback on essential skills that most professional careers require, such as communication, collaboration, time management, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, analysis, anger management, dealing with setbacks and resilience. The lively interactive discourse that flowed from this left the delegates with an appetite for more, so much so that the session had to be extended well into lunchtime. Food for thought indeed!
The nigeria edition of this workshop was held on 17th March in Lagos.